3 in 1 Assistance System
Pedestrian is a walking aid aimed at people with a medium-term walking disability and anyone who needs assistance. It fills the product gap between short-term solutions such as forearm crutches, which are designed for six weeks of use, and long-term assistance systems, such as wheelchairs. The focus of the product is the minimization of consequential damages, which often occur in connection with conventional walking aids and thus result in further disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as well as a pleasant and practical handling, which enables the affected persons to actively participate in social life even with their walking disability. The assistance system can be transformed with only a few hand movements and thus allows an adaptation of the walking aid to the affected persons and their respective assistance needs.

The mobility of each and every individual is central to the self-determined shaping of a proactive life!

Arthritis Support

Mode 1  stong support

Forearm Crutch
Mode 2  med. support

Walking Stick
Mode 3  light support

Use and pass on!

Due to the transformability of Pedestrian, the number of people who can use the system in-creases. Moreover, due to its modularity, the walker can be adapted even after the first cycle of use. Each element is interchangeable and can be adapted to the needs of the person using it.

Easy switching between modes allows you to easily get started with the system and supports you even if you ever take a step backwards.

It can be chosen between use as an arthritis support, forearm crutch and walking stick. During the development of the walking aid, special attention was paid to ergonomic design to ensure comfortable use.

Pedestrian wants to optimistically accompany the using persons in their process and encourage them to deal with their limitation as confidently as possible.

Self-standing and compressible

Pedestrian stands all by itself in any mode and can be easily compressed.

Stand-up aid

Pedestrian helps you get up and is always at hand.

Allows social

Pedestrian still lets you say hello to your friends and focuses on you, not your impairment.

Hands-free usable

Pedestrian is hands-free! You can make calls, text your friends and find the way to your next destination.

More safety
by wrist strap

Pedestrian offers you additional safety with a hand strap, even in walking stick mode you have your hands free.

The tube cap with wrist strap forms the end of the tube part that is otherwise left open and provides additional safety and connection to the wrist with the wrist strap.

The blinding of the push buttons is a deliberate design decision to disguise the mechanical nature of the walker and make it easier to push the buttons.

The base of the walking aid is the foot, which allows the walking aid to stand independently due to its large diameter. The flexible rubber material of the foot allows it to adapt to any conceivable surface. The textured profile of the foot prevents slipping on wet and slippery surfaces without leaving any marks on the floor. The 4 mm profile depth ensures the preservation of the profile even after several months of use. In case of wear and tear on the foot, a straightforward replacement is possible.

The inner values

Inside the tube is a novel mechanism for adjusting the height. A fitted continuous casting profile allows precise and easy adjustment of the height. A simple twist locks and unlocks the tube.

The handle serves as a bridge between the tube and the arm section, and an internal aluminum cylinder connects both elements positively and non-positively.

The accuracy of adjustment is twice as high as with conventional walking aids.
The ergonomically designed handle supports the ball of the hand and prevents overuse of the wrist.


Unlike conventional walking aids, Pedestrian puts people in the foreground rather than their limitations. In its design, the technoid and strictly medical character that many walking aids have was consciously avoided. Soft forms emphasize the ergonomic, more human shape of Pedestrian, while a refined color spectrum encourages a self-confident approach to the limitation.

This project was designed in collaboration with Ayla Warncke.

Pedestrian is an expression of our firm belief in a truly inclusive society that enables all people to live experientially beyond their basic needs.

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