There is nothing better than sharing a moment with someone else, to enjoy a tea with your friends and have all types and flavours come together. Share is a fully handmade teacup that allows you to share your tea like never before. The idea is to create a new kind of teacup that offers new possibilities and perspectives of an old tradition through hidden functions and abstracted shapes.

Contemporary values influenced the whole project because the way we enjoy things and moments has changed. It has never been this important to come together in a global world with global problems.

“How do I get from me to the we?”

“Bringing different people into a conversation, uniting them through simple and accessible products that combine emotional and rational aspects for shared enjoyment is my goal.”

The new ritual

Thanks to the multifunctional handle that also works as a spout, you no longer have to give away your whole cup to share your tea and even creating new flavours can be easily done together. The form factor also allows an easy wring out of your tea bag and gives you the maximum taste. Share is something beyond, something special that recomposes the ordinary, giving new value to it while preserving the essence.

The fully handmade ceramic teacup is made through slip casting. A plaster mould is used to reproduce the teacup and it’s based on a clay body slip.

During the traditional process of making ceramics, many shapes were explored and developed with clay to achieve the final and functional form which is then reproduced by slip casting.

“For me, it was really important to add a sense of familiarity while creating something unique.”

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