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Voca is a home camera system that is suitable for many use cases. It is used to monitor things that are important to you, such as babies, pets, or the general surveillance of living spaces. The system consists of a receiver and a transmitter. The components are connected with a magnet, forming a portable unit. Via Wi-Fi, the camera transmits a live image with sound to the receiver.

Everything in sight!

With its smartphone-like dimensions, Voca fits into any pocket. It can be easily and quickly set up, as it can also be used on battery power and is not dependent on a power outlet. Monitoring living spaces is thus easily possible. With Voca, you always have pets, children, and intruders in view. Additionally, the camera can also be used independently of the receiver and serves as a webcam and microphone for video calls, for example.


The packaging design of Voca is deliberately kept simple and doesn't use more resources than necessary. It also avoids flashy graphics to create a primitive urge to buy. The focus is on the product, not its packaging. Voca can be charged with any standard power adapter, so for the sake of the environment, an additional one is omitted here.

A strong connection

The two components are connected with a magnet and can be easily separated. When they are connected, both parts can be charged simultaneously, as the camera is powered wirelessly through the magnetic connection. Both parts have a USB Type-C port, allowing them to be used in mains operation and connected to other devices. The image transmission typically occurs over Wi-Fi, but using a cable is also possible.

The adjustable stand allows the camera to be easily aligned, ensuring a good view of your chosen object. With the USB port, there are no limitations on the camera's usage duration. The camera is small and inconspicuous, taking up minimal space without drawing much attention.

“I wanted to create a system that subtly blends into the living space without employing an expressive style that might contrast sharply with the user's decor. The compact dimensions and integrated battery make it a flexible system, which is particularly crucial when it comes to monitoring babies.”


Everything under control

The user interface of Voca is kept very simple; all primary commands can be executed using physical buttons. These include power on/off, toggling the camera on/off, muting, adjusting volume, zooming in and out. Additional complex and rare commands can be accessed through the touch display.

The red light on the receiver and transmitter always indicates whether the camera and microphone are active, thus helping prevent uncomfortable situations.

The design approach behind Voca is to create an optical and formal unity, two parts that complement each other. The belonging to a system should be clearly evident in the design. Semantically, Voca resembles a smartphone, but its silhouette refers to an archetypal telephone handset, thereby conveying the idea of communication.

“The day will come when the man at the telephone will be able to see the distant person to whom he is speaking.”
- Alexander Graham Bell

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