dot. is a one-piece yo-yo crafted out of a single aluminum block.

The idea behind dot. is to illustrate the significance of each aspect in a holistic design process through a supposedly banal object.

A lightweight unibody, which combines an archetypal form with a functional hole pattern, describes what dot.'s design is about: completing each other. Creating a telling relation between form and function, which in this case matters most.

In conclusion, dot. points out the importance of an integral understanding of design and a rearrangement of products as communicators of their own story beyond their seemingly purpose.

dot. is protected in an aluminum tin that references it’s iconic hole pattern as well as it’s materiality.

“I really wanted dot. to feel like a piece of jewelry, something that exudes preciousness in every detail, is well-crafted, and carries profound meaning.”
With a weight of just 20 grams, dot. really is a flyweight while still fully functioning as a yo-yo. A single shape replaces everything that isn't needed and makes dot. a sculptural piece with artistic appeal

In fact, dot. was mostly crafted by hand, requiring it to be built out of two symmetrical parts. In theory, these parts are one.

dot's ambiguous message is embedded in its strong graphic dimension.

In the orthographic view, 100 dots are visible: 99 through the hole pattern and one through the unibody itself. These dots symbolize the importance of every component. Only together can they reach 100 dots, representing 100 percent.

dot. was designed during an internship at Phoenix Design.
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