volume is a product family of kitchen appliances consisting of a coffee machine, a kettle, and a toaster. “As little as possible, as much as necessary.” is the design intention behind volume. The goal is to achieve a visual and systemic reduction of everyday kitchen appliances.

The product family is based on primitive volumes, which also form the core of the devices and are encapsulated with an aluminum shell. At the core of the devices, you will find the central control element, the operation of which is equivalent across the family.

volume exemplifies the power of minimalism.

early stage of design
Back to purity, to simplicity!

Simple and clear forms in a harmonious composition define the design language of volume. Subtle and tactile refinements reconcile the digital with the analog.

A refined minimalism brings order to opaque data streams and translates them into the realm of the human.

Super Normal

The kitchen appliances seamlessly blend into any environment with their unassuming appearance, becoming invisible in everyday life. They resist the growing sensory overload caused by digital influences and the visual clutter of enticing consumer goods.

“Good design is long-lasting! It avoids being fashionable and therefore never appears antiquated...”
- Dieter Rams

Form finding

The proportions of the volumes are based on the functional core of each product, which is determined by the filling volume and the gripping and usage space. volume impresses with its high degree of abstraction and demonstrates the power of reduction without sacrificing refined details.

For the final form of volume, various shapes were explored. The result is a consistent rejection of excess and a focus on the essential.

Making the physical dimension tangible and graspable is indispensable for validating volume. The kitchen appliances are perceptively experienced in everyday use.

A multitude of proportion models were created for the final form of the handle and control bar to emphasize the tactile relationship within the family.

Multifunctional control bar

The operation of the devices is carried out through a hybrid control bar, which combines analog and digital elements. Everything is set using the touchpad and then confirmed, reset, or canceled with the orange button.

Hidden details

The toaster's crumb tray and the coffee machine's tank are concealed beneath the aluminum shell, and the integrated elements can be removed through fine grip grooves. On the toaster's ventilation plate and the coffee machine's drip tray, there is a fine hole pattern.

This project was supported by Tim Bruns and Leo Schröder.

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